Making homes worth living in – today and tomorrow

Defining the quality of life with innovations

We are proud of the fact that the nolte Group, now in the fourth generation, is being successfully run as a family business with production based nowhere else but in Germany. Ever since the company was founded by Georg Nolte back in 1921, the credo at nolte remains to this very day that a furniture manufacturer from Germany must only deliver top-quality products of upmarket design. The basis for this comes from the constant stream of nolte innovations that go into the product, into materials and into processes as well as innovative continuity in view of many changes taking place in society and in the world.


Individualisation and community lifestyles: the freedom of choice with a sense of togetherness.

Self-determined, autonomous action, pushing aside the old standards and rules, this is increasingly defining many people's decisions and actions. Standard products and uniform looks give way to one-offs and individualised products. People want to decide for themselves how their purchase will look and be able to choose from a range of attractive options. We at nolte see a commitment to this expectation on individuality and, for this, develop creative furniture solutions. Because in the home, too, off-the-shelf solutions are no longer an option. The culture of choice is particularly prevalent in the home sector. Ready-made standard looks? That was yesterday. As a consumer-focused supplier of modern home furniture solutions, nolte offers highly individualisable furnishings and also caters to unique home-living styles.

Although the emphasis is very much more on "I", there is also an increasing desire for "we". People want to experience closeness and the sense of belonging. Digital friends are not enough – communication must also take place face to face. In the family circle or among friends. Individualists need the community and social contacts. The "I" and the "we" are not opposites but perfect complements and one we cater to with all-embracing room and lifeworld concepts.


Wordwide urbanisation: life is becoming more compact.

The trend towards urbanisation seems unbroken. The prospect of well-paid jobs is attracting many people into the urban environment. Other factors, like access to facilities, infrastructure, the cultural and wining and dining opportunities, and the attractions of an urban lifestyle also contribute to an increasing urbanisation of life. The consequence: towns and cities are bursting at the seams, people are having to move closer together.

The demand here is for well thought-out living space solutions that provide plenty of freedom despite the limited space that is available. Homes are undeniably getting smaller, but that does not mean they are less comfortable. People who live in urban areas have to make do with fewer square metres but not with less practical functionality. The versatile furniture solutions from nolte not only do justice to these demands – this is where we also continue to set standards. Whether clever storage-space solutions or room and product concepts aimed at providing multifunctional value: nolte thinks a step ahead in the home and meets the latest trends with innovations geared towards the future.


Thinking, acting and living globally: borders are disappearing, the world is getting smaller.

Globalisation will not be halted. And it is brimming with opportunities. International ties are increasing in all areas: culture, business, finance, politics, environment and design - everything is moving closer together and melding into a global whole. The opening up of the world is producing a remarkable new diversity.

We at nolte are also developing in line with this mega trend, our processes are becoming more and more global. With our many years of experience as a company operating on the international stage, we bring our international competence to bear and, in this way, also give our partners perspectives for their own development.

But what does it mean to live in an era of globalisation? In the age of progressive networking, people are becoming increasingly mobile. Working life offers them new, boundless possibilities - also beyond the borders of their home country. And for many of them, it is important to preserve the authenticity of their culture. Enjoying a bit of home in a far-off place and keeping in touch with one's roots. In the global world the diverse cultures inspire one another, resulting in an independent and fascinating mix of styles. Many homes are no longer furnished in a uniform style but instead radiate individual variety. A fascinating interplay of different cultural influences is created. And for this, we at nolte develop product ranges that not only meet these widely differing demands but are also defined by boundless combination options.


New Ecology: Nachhaltigkeit wird zum Genuss

Fair, sustainable, green - quality criteria that shape purchase decisions are suddenly being redefined. Consumption: yes. But responsible consumption. In times of blatantly insufficient resources and visible harm to the environment in many parts of the world, more and more people are questioning the sustainability of what they live in and of what they live with. Manufacturing companies are expected to show transparency and do business in an environmentally and socially acceptable way. In a clear awareness of our responsibility for the environment and people, nolte, as a woodworking company, develops ecologically sound products using modern energy-saving production methods. In its entirety, sustainability is a declared corporate goal at nolte.

But the New Ecology mega trend is also influencing the way we live. Natural and authentic materials are increasingly appearing in our homes. And therefore also in the product ranges available from the nolte Group companies. Materials that reflect the yearning for nature, like stone, glass, cement, leather, metal, chime with a modern generation's taste. Radiating natural warmth, wood, as a material grown by nature with its sustainability, feel, ruggedness, widely varying design options and inviting charm, is more popular than ever. Genuine natural materials in ecologically high quality, combined with attractive design and shown off to best effect, are determining our homes in and with nolte furniture in the age of New Ecology.

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